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Caleb Wright wanted to use his gift to help people. But when a near fatal accident causes him to lose what seemed to define the person he had become; Caleb chooses to retreat from the public eye and find a place to rest and heal. The more time he spent mourning the loss of his abilities, the more life seemed to lose its purpose. And the only thing that keeps Caleb from spiraling out of control and ending it all is his twin sister, Rachael. That is, until he discovers there is more of a purpose to his life than he could ever have anticipated. Now, faced with a seemingly immeasurable task at hand, can Caleb succeed and, in turn, find happiness in the life that he lives.

The Last Matinee

Book One of the R. Davian Cooke Case File (R. Davian Cooke Case Files 1)

"After all, one does not set one's foot on the path of my chosen profession only to be discouraged at the first sign of danger."

R. Davian Cooke shares the first of many cases; one that concerns the unusual deaths of several theater performers. His examination brings him deep into the core of the splendid and off-color universe of Canal Street Music Hall, to meet with the most unwonted of risks!


The Wicked that Lurks

Book Two of the R. Davian Cooke Case Files

What would you do if you knew there were malicious murders performed by stuffed game?

The night R. Davian Cooke stepped foot in the Sentinel Club, he knew that this case would surely top the previous. Whether he could conclude how the murders were being pulled off was not the concern; the issue lingering in the back of Mr. Cooke’s mind was whether he will be able to solve it in time and still escape with his head intact (with his life).

The Sangha

A Beginner's View of Buddhism

The Sangha, as you will learn, is part of The Three Jewels of Buddhism. It simply means, “the Buddhist community”. This jewel encourages one to find other Buddhists in order to help either, yourself, or your fellow seeker. The Sangha: A Beginner’s View of Buddhism was created with this concept in mind. We can all learn, and grow, by interacting with one another.

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